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re: Guild Policies

Raid Schedule

We will be raiding Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:00 - 8:00pm PST (server time). Additional raid slot for optional 10 man raids will likely be Saturday afternoons/evenings.

Raid Invites

We will start invites for a raid about 15 minutes before the official start time - that means 3:45pm unless the schedule was changed. Be ready to go at the zone in by this time or someone else will be getting your invite!

Attendance Policy

We ask you to maintain at least 85% attendance. There are often times when you need a break whether it be school, work, vacation or just to keep from burning out - lets us know as far ahead of time as possible.

Loot System

We will be using a merit loot system with attendance and loot tracked on our website.

For more information on the merit system, please read here.


Our goal is to have a small, tight-knit roster of members. This means more loot per person, a tighter, friendlier guild atmosphere and (most importantly!) faster progression through raid zones and new content. We won't tolerate cancelled raids though and we will enforce our attendance policy.

You can apply to Mimic using the Apply to Guild link. Your app is sent to a private, member-viewable section. If you're approved, you'll be invited as a recruit for a trial period that lasts as long as it takes to get to know you, and for you to get to know us - normally 2 weeks.


Drama will not be tolerated whatsoever. I do not want to have to moderate guild chat or our forums but I’m not interested in seeing members talking down on other members or threads started with the intention of causing drama. If you have a concern about policy or a decision made, come to me in private. With a Mimic tag above your head, you represent the guild and so I would appreciate if you would not be a total jackass in public. Incidents will be given one warning and if this continues, it will result in guild removal.
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