About Mimic
About Mimic

About Mimic

Mimic was formed by Lindz (Aurie, Sieryn, Seiera, etc) and Dazzle, the original founders and leaders of Hush. Mimic is now lead by Khandren, one of the most senior raiders in the guild. Here is a little info on our philosophy here at Mimic.

We are interested in a small, tight-knit roster. We don't like to have raiders sitting out - our members are very committed and tend to maintain between 90 and 100 percent attendance. This allows us to learn with the same group each night and gear quickly - leading to our trend of fast progression. You will not find us class stacking. Some progression oriented guilds will over recruit in order to stack roles for certain bosses. We don't want to be sitting our raiders out, we want a group of killer players that see every boss we take on.

We expect our members to come to raids ready to bring their A-Game. You should always be prepared with reagents, consumables, etc but also prepared to focus for the entire raid duration. We want our raid hours to be extremely productive and are not interested in wasting time to people playing poorly and not focusing - no one has fun wiping for stupid reasons. Part of being prepared means doing the research and testing necessary to optimize your gear, cycles, talent specs, etc.

When it comes to recruitment, player knowledge and awesome gear is always a plus but what is most important is players that are self motivated, want to learn and be the best. Our application will cover the basics - class, spec, rotations, etc but what we want the most is to know what makes you tick, what you enjoy from WoW and why you really want to play with us.

Mimic will have a three days per week raid schedule- Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6:30pm - 10:00pm PST. We canalso be found running heroics and 10mans on any of our offnights. These are optional, but highly encouraged. We require a minimum of 80% attendance so please do not apply if you cannot make at least this.

While we don't have an official age limit, our guild is made up of almost entirely people in their 20s - 40s. We tolerate zero drama and will strongly enforce this. Problems are to be taken to Khandren or any other officer in private. We have always maintained a good reputation and are not interested in drama inside or out of the guild.

Mimic is a very specialized guild. While we are not for everyone, if what we are interested in appeals to you, please feel free to apply and speak with one of our officers.

When registering with GuildLaunch to submit an application, please use your character's name.  If this name is taken, try a very similar variation or simply add "-Silvermoon" after the name.  Thank you.

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